Website Updates

Some updates have been made to the website. Most of these changes will hardly be noticeable and should seamlessly integrate with the website as you have come to know it. With that said, web “stuff” can be unpredictable due to the wide variety of computers and browsers being used.  If you are having difficulty viewing the website since your last visit please contact the webmaster with a description of your problem.


  • Various software updates.
  • Increased type size site-wide for easier viewing.
  • The previous method of securing pages was no longer supported by the software publisher. A new, more advanced, method of securing those pages is now in place. You must be logged in to  access the members’ sections.
  • There is a login security system now in place. Repeated failed login attempts will result in a lockout. If you have trouble logging in, contact the webmaster.
  • Some minor content changes were made.
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