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Urgent Request Assisting law Enforcement members who are flood victims

The following email has been received by the National FOP after we had inquired about providing assistance. The National Disaster Relief fund will send emergency funds to those police officers who are FOP members and as National President I am requesting Lodges and Members to send a donation to the National FOP Foundation to help us assist our brothers and sisters in West Virgina. Please share on all Social Media Sites

 Please send donations to:
National FOP Foundation
701 Marriott Drive
Nashville, TN 37214
Mr. President, I am sorry for not getting back to you and others who have asked what you (the FOP) can do for the officers and members of the FOP here in West Virginia. 
I’ve attempted to write this several times, put into meaningful descriptions of what is happening in my state. As of today, there are 25 officers who have lost their homes and most of their belongings. I contacted several of the WV E Board members and we have decided to donate $500.00 for immediate assistance (handing out this money as I compose this) to FOP members and $200.00 for police officers who are not FOP members, we realize this will not begin to cover the cost that these officers have lost but will help get them basic needs, food, water, medication, clothing, toothbrushes…………….small stuff we take for granted on a daily basis.
I’m asking that you please send this out to everyone one on the National Executive Board and Joe Perkins, send this out to all the National Trustees, and anyone else you would like. I’m asking, no I’m begging for help. I know that the number of officers affected will climb. We need monetary donations, $1.00 to whatever each state, local or member can give. All will be given to officers that have been decimated by this event. 
Out of all the floods I have ever witnessed or been involved in, this is the worst devastation I have ever seen in my life. I and along with my officers have and are assisting the Sheriff’s department in my county where I worked for previously for five years before taking this job as chief. One of the areas hit where I worked was the small town of Clendenin, goggle it, and the other towns I have included. The town will be totally gone as most know it, very few homes were not damaged, most businesses and homes will be demolished. Same for each little town were the flood waters raged! I have included parts of an article to help give each of you a little insight as to what happened, how and what destruction occurred. This was not something we ever planned on. West Virginia is Mountainous terrain, where most live, we cannot get flood insurance, those that do, most can’t afford to move or pay (ever since the Federal Government declared new flood plane guidelines.) The reason I’m telling you this is, Almost everyone has lost EVERYTHING they ever had, yes, those very few who had insurance will be helped, most won’t. They are struggling to get even a meal, no water, no electric, no clothing, only what was on their backs when the raging flood waters took everything from them. The state is still trying to determine the catastrophe in each region. I could go on, please read the below information.
Some of the towns are Clendenin, Richwood, Rainelle, White Sulphur Springs, and several other small towns have been wiped OUT, by the flooding that occurred 23 / 24 June. I’m not talking just homes and businesses washed away, roads, GONE, schools GONE, stores GONE, life in West Virginia total upended and will never be the same for people, ever again. You must realize, the officers in each of these towns, most make minimum wage, we in West Virginia aren’t fortunate like some of the bigger agencies in our state or even yours.
Forty-four of West Virginia’s 55 counties are under a state of emergency as severe weather and devastating floods have killed at least 23 residents and left hundreds of thousands without power and water. A spokesperson for West Virginia Governor Earl Ray Tomblin told ABC News that the floods, in some areas, “were the worst in 100 years.”

Severe rain and thunderstorms battered West Virginia for most of Thursday June 23rd, leaving some parts of the state inaccessible due to damaged roads and infrastructure. At least 23 residents have died as a result of the floods, including an eight-year old boy who was swept away by flash flooding. 
Floodwaters also washed away part of a bridge in central (Kanawha County where I work and live) West Virginia Friday, leaving 500 people trapped at a shopping mall.( La Quinta Inn, doubled their rates to $150.00 per night, we are having the attorney general look into this I had a friend and his family trapped there so I know this to be a fact.) There are several other bridges damaged or washed away. 
In another stunning scene, floodwaters in the south of the state — where up to 10 inches of water had fallen — pushed a burning house down a creek.

Tomblin has authorized the deployment of 400 members of the West Virginia National Guard to assist local emergency responders, who worked throughout the night on Thursday to help rescue stranded residents. As a result of widespread flooding and damage, residents are being urged to stay off the roads. Curfews have been in acted in several areas from dusk till dawn to prevent looting.
Electric utilities told NBC News that as a result of the flooding, almost 500,000 West Virginians were left without power.
West Virginia is especially vulnerable to flooding because of its mountainous topography, which makes communities and agricultural centers clustered in valleys particularly at risk for the downstream impacts of extreme precipitation. And floods in West Virginia aren’t just a disaster for the people that live there, or the state’s infrastructure. They can also cause meaningful environmental damage, especially in a place so heavily invested in mining fossil fuel. Flooding could potentially wash toxic mining materials or byproducts into streams and rivers, threatening both surface water quality and ecosystems. 
I will leave you with this, Mountaineers are always free! We are a hard working bunch of people who ask for nothing, but this is one time I’m asking you for help.
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